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Rocket Launch at MACC

28th Aug 2020

CanSat Competition Demo a Success

A Raptor Aerospace Kestrel-100LD rocket was successfully launched from Machrihanish airbase during fine conditions on the afternoon of Wednesday 26th August.

Machrihanish Airbase Community Company welcomed UK Launch Services Ltd to the airbase to sign an MOU that sets out the intention to create a joint venture for establishing spaceflight related services at the site, including small rocketry, R&D and training. This was commemorated by the first ever rocket launch from the site and a milestone in the development of spaceflight activity at Machrihanish. The new company’s first undertaking will be holding a unique student ‘CanSat’ competition of the scale not before seen in the UK.

Mach-21 will see up to 150 university students build and launch satellites the same size as a soft drinks can. Raptor Aerospace’s rockets will release the CanSats at an altitude of around 600m, where they will deploy a parachute and hopefully, safely return to the ground whilst taking measurements and performing novel tasks. Students will be free to come up with unique designs and applications to be tested and judged by a panel of experts at Machrihanish’s new home of spaceflight innovation. With the winning team taking home the prized Mach-21 trophy.

The inaugural event will be held in July 2021 with an opportunity for members of the public to come and view a rocket launch during a special open hour.

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