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Propulsion and Space Research Laboratory for Machrihanish Airbase

4th Jan 2023

Discover Space UK (DSUK) at Machrihanish Airbase has been awarded £227,000 of grant funding as part of the UK Space Agency’s new Launch UK Technology Investment Programme for technology projects across England, Scotland and Wales. This funding call aims to develop the capability of the UK spaceflight sector and research base by providing funding to support the whole supply chain, across all Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), helping to develop the whole of the UK’s spaceflight pipeline and position the UK to be competitive in this sector.

DSUK will work together with the University of Glasgow to develop the MachLab, a comprehensive propulsion test and research facility which will offer testing capabilities of earth-storable and cryogenic rocket engines of up to 10kN. The facility will offer ancillary testing capabilities to support a wide range of propulsion systems at various technology readiness levels. The project, due to be completed in March 2023, also pursues long-term goals of designing the first UK propellant densification system and high-thrust test facilities for full scale launch vehicles.

The development of this facility aligns with DSUK’s primary objective to advance UK Research & Development skills and capabilities in spaceflight technologies and operations, inspiring and training a generation of space specialists.

To support this exciting project, the team are currently recruiting a Project Manager to be involved with hands-on activities at the site. If you have project management experience and are interested in this role, email your CV to recruitment@exotopic.com.

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