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Space and Rocketry themed STEM Workshops @ MACC

13th Mar 2023

Over 100 children and teachers from Castlehill, Dalintober, Drumlemble, Rhunahaorine, Carradale and Glenbarr Primary School challenged themselves with hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)-based workshops on 15th February hosted by DSUK (Discover Space UK) at MACC Business Park. Glasgow University also delivered talks on space, gravity, and careers in STEM. Argyll & Bute Digital Learning Team ran hands-on workshops - Lego robot - Milo the Science Rover, Sphero K’nex - robot machine challenge, and Stop Motion – animation.
The STEM education and training is designed to enhance the capability of young individuals to work collaboratively across various fields using project-based learning. By utilizing these methodologies, young individuals can gain a practical understanding of how STEM skills and knowledge are applied in professional settings. In workplaces and industries, teams and individuals with diverse expertise and skills collaborate to produce innovative knowledge, ideas, and products.
Scotland is recognised as a centre for innovation, science and technology and has a proud history for advancement and invention. Indeed, Scotland’s space industry is both thriving and significant, where it leads globally in the nascent field of nanosatellites (particularly CubeSats). With STEM skills increasing more in demand in the workplace and our everyday lives, MACC is committed to provide the support for young individuals to develop their STEM potential to the fullest whilst developing their digital literacy so that they can take full advantage of the opportunities around them.

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