MACC Hydrogen Futures Scope
Hydrogen Futures Project Scope
Masterplan Framework
Masterplan appendices
MACC Charitable Giving Form 2023
MACC 2021 Accounts
2020/21 Group accounts
MACC 2022 Accounts DRAFT
Draft annual accounts for approval at the 2022 AGM
Growth Plan 2017 - 2022
MACC’s Strategic Growth Plan 2017 - 2022
MACC Charitable Giving Form 2023
2021 AGM agenda
MACC Director Application Form
MACC Membership Application Form
MACC Membership Application Form
MACC Director Application Form
Company Director Roles and Responsibilities
AGM Minutes 2020 Draft
2022 AGM Agenda
AGM for 2021/22 financial year
2018 AGM M&A Changes
Overview of M&A changes proposed for 2018
Proxy Voting Form
If you cannot attend the meeting then use and submit a proxy voting form
2021 AGM Minutes
Draft minutes of 2021 AGM
MACC Hydrogen Futures Scope Stage2
Scope of works for HFVS stage2

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Hydrogen Futures Viability Study Stage 2

MACC is delighted to announce that we have been awarded additional funding to progress our hydrogen...
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