TV & Film locations

The unique buildings and landscapes on site have a rich history and are a fantastic location for TV & Film, offering a secure, fenced site, away from the public eye.

Our 10,000ft taxiway is well suited for high speed driving sequences and stunts, with the surrounding land providing unlimited back lot space for set construction. There are a number of properties that are particularly well suited to a horror/military genre.

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Navy SEAL Compound

The two adjacent buildings within the Navy SEAL Compound (B175A&B) were both constructed for...

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Taxiway + surrounding area

Length: 2,970m Width: 19m

The park's taxiway serves as a second...

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US Military Barracks

Former residential camp for the RAF. Many of the buildings are derelict internally which makes this...

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Two watchtowers located in a former high security area of the airbase. Adjacent to weapons storage...

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