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Support the Petition for Campbeltown-Ardrossan Ferry Service

11th Mar 2021

Closes 17th March
On behalf of Machrihrihanish Airbase Community Company (MACC) we would like to encourage you to lend your support to the ongoing petition for the creation of a ferry service between Campbeltown and Ardrossan. MACC continues to work to attract businesses to the area but reliable and cost effective transport is a constant barrier to businesses looking to expand or wishing to establish themselves in the area. We cannot wait 10 years before an effective solution is in place, to do so will irreparably damage the areas reputation as a place to do business.
A petition has been launched with the Scottish Parliament for a year-round ferry service between Campbeltown and Ardrossan to alleviate some of the issues the constant Rest and Be Thankful closures are causing.
The Scottish Government have given a timescale of 10 years before a permanent solution is implemented. The closure of the A83 has caused issues for several decades and the fact that the alternative route, the Old Military Road, has been closed at some point nearly every week since November 2020 due to bad weather means all traffic has to face an additional 60-mile detour around the A82. When the route is open, it also causes delay in travelling times as there is always a one-way system in place. The proposed year-round ferry service could facilitate both passengers and some freight and would have road equivalent tariff rules applied to ensure cost parity with road travel. This would be a big help to business and members of the public as it would provide a much-needed gateway.
This petition closes on 17th March so please show your support by signing the online petition using the following link https://www.parliament.scot/gettinginvolved/petitions/campbeltownadrossanferry

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