Office Space

Navy SEAL Compound (B175A)

3,085 Sq M (33,207 Sq Ft) | Property Occupied
Building 175A is part of the former Navy SEAL Compound located on the south side of the site. This...

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Station Headquarters (B71)

2,612 Sq M (28,115 Sq Ft) | Available to let
Former station headquarters building incorporates both office space and residential accommodation....

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Gaydon hangar (B292)

7,031 Sq M (75,683 Sq Ft) | Property Occupied
Iconic former aircraft hangar and the largest property in MACC Developments’ portfolio. This...

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Single storey storage/Office space (B81)

199 Sq M (2,145 Sq Ft) | Property Occupied
This single storey, brick building offers excellent space for storage or open plan office use....

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Storehouses (B123&124)

295 Sq M (3,170 Sq Ft) | Property Occupied
Two properties located towards the South-East of the park are former storehouses, both identical in...

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Warehouse with offices/Workshops (B120)

2,749 Sq M (29,590 Sq Ft) | Property Occupied
Former hangar comprising a large, open plan warehouse, ancillary offices, workshops and stores, all...

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