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Navy SEAL Compound

The two adjacent buildings within the Navy SEAL Compound (B175A&B) were both constructed for the US Special Forces in 1993 at a cost of £7million. Located to the South of the park with ample open land surrounding, these steel structures sit within a fenced compound and contain a number of specialist features including:
  • an indoor shooting range (currently a private business)
  • a parachute washing/drying tower
  • communications offices (including a soundproof room)
  • ammunition storage cages
  • large boat storage warehouse
  • jacuzzi
Other features include internal and external lighting, oil fired central heating and W/C facilities.

Both buildings were recently used for a prisoner of war/rebellion student film project utilising communications offices, corridors and ammunition cages.The flexibility of the buildings mean they are potentially suitable for a number of scenes/genres.

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